Romanya 2 Aylık AGH - ARALIK

Romanya 2 Aylık AGH - ARALIK

ETKİNLİK TARİHİ: 01 Aralık 2018

Son başvuru tarihi :  25 Ekim 17:00 

Adayların başvurmaları için pasaport resmini, özgeçmişlerini ve motivasyon mektuplarını adresine "ilgili başlık ile" göndermeleri gerekmektedir (ör: "Romanya aralık ayı projesi içindir" başlığı ile)  uygun olamayan başvurular dikkate alınmayacaktır. 

Proje Detayları : 

Role and tasks of volunteers:

-Greening activities of  Dragasani and villages from sourounding.  The greening activity will consist in collecting garbage, sorting garbage, placement of informative panels on maintaining a clean environment in Dragasani and sourounding, distributing flyers to the tourists in the park and in the local communities about the nature protection. This activity will take place on three popular hiking trails from wineyards of Dragasani.

- Realization of workshops of environmental education  in 5 schools from rural area, schools situated in the neighborhood of Dragasani,

- Initiating and implementing a media campaign regarding the environment protection and promoting the environmental education

- Organization of seminars, debates on environmental issues, performances of forum theater, photo exhibits by using "photo-voice" method,  flash-mob, living library, workshops on environmental education with disadvantaged young people, participating in TV and radio, administration of the project web page and the Facebook page of the project, popularization of Erasmus + program in high schools and universities.

- Greening and promoting Capela hill as tracking place for the local community from Rm Valcea

- Final conference of the EVS stage

Practical aspects:

The volunteers will work 6 hours / day from Monday to Friday. Their schedule will be organized as follow: preparing the activity. 
10.00-13.00: Activities in the national park
13.00-14.00: Lunch break. 
14.00-16.00: Activities in the national park and schools

The volunteers will have 2 days off every month, will have days off according to Romanian legislation and will have holidays according to the university year 2016-2017.
The volunteers will be accommodated in one  apartments rented by FCASEC in Rm. Valcea city.  The apartment is equipped with central heating, water, TV cable and internet.  The kitchen is fully equipped.  The houses have 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and living room.  To feed, the volunteers will receive a fixed amount at the beginning of each month, amount which will allow them to buy aliments and cook themselves.  Also at the beginning of the month, all volunteers will receive a fixed allowance (pocket money).  The local transport will be provided free of charge for the entire EVS period by FCASEC.

Validation of the EVS stage:

Volunteers involved in this project will be awarded with a Youthpass certificate at the end of this EVS stage, which will describe and validate the experience of non-formal and informal learning acquired by each volunteer during their EVS stage period. The Youthpass certificate will be considered a process of awareness, reflection and documentation of learning during the different stages of the project.



1.      Geography and climate:

Drăgășani  is a city in Vâlcea County, Romania, near the right bank of the Olt river, and on the railway between Caracal and Râmnicu Vâlcea. The city is well known for the vineyardson the neighboring hills that produce some of the best Wallachian wines
The climate of Dragasani is temperate-continental with average temperatures of 10 to 11°C. The multi-annual average of rainfall is around 700 to 800 l/mp, and there are about 90 to 100 days of hard frost annually.
The town is situated at 220 km north-west of Bucharest (the Romanian capital).

Romanian map

Places for EVS STAGE:


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