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Summary of the project:

The Raise your Voice Youth Association ( implements voluntary activities in
support of the Roma communities of Valcea County, since 2010. The activities implemented by
ATRV have focused on the social inclusion of young Roma and through motivating activities of
Roma pupils tocontinue school.
The specific objectives of the project are:
- Participation of 10 volunteers from 5countries of the program at a volunteer internship for 1
- Promoting non-formal education among 500 disadvantaged young people from 6 rural Rroma
. - Implementing a media campaign which will discuss the issues faced by Roma communities
and identifies possible solutions to these issues.
- Establishment of a consortium composed of 6 youth organizations which will

specialize in voluntary activities dedicated to the social inclusion of young people from
disadvantaged communities.
Role and tasks of volunteers:
- Co-organizing summer kindergarten. Within this activity, which is implmented by ATRV
in partnership with Valcea County Board of Education, the volunteers, together with the
ATRV qualified personnel/trained staff, will go to the roma communities and will inform
the parents about the summer kindergarten. They will also inform the parents about the
advantages/benefits of the summer kindergarten and about how important is for their
children to attend kindergarten before starting school, 1st grade. In this summer
kinderdarten, the volunteers will organize interactive and recreational games for children
(sport games, music and drawing workshops -40 Roma children will benefit from the
activities of this project.

- Co-organizing the activity „The second chance”. Within this activity established in
partnership with Valcea County Board of Education, the volunteers, together with the
ATRV qualified personnel/trained staff, will go to the Roma communities and will
inform the youth, but also the adults that didn’t attend the school, about the possibility of
attending „the second chance” classes. In this type of „second chance” courses, the
volunteers, together with the young people, will run information activities about
European Community, civil rights, civil duties, volunteering programs, EU youth and
education policies. 60 Roma young people between 20-35 years old, will take part in
these activities. This activiy will take place between 1 November 2018 – 30 April 2019.

- Organizing two regional seminars/workshops. Within this activity, the volunteers
supported by qualified personned, will create posters of the two seminars, information
flyers and will also invite some representatives of the local authorities, parliamentaries,
who, along with Roma leaders and Roma youth will debate subjects/topics related to EU
policies on youth, civil/citizenship rights, combating poverty and social exclusion,
combating prejudices/misconceptions and racism.

- Organizing an annual conference, where the volunteers will share their experience gained
during the EVS intership and will to other involved actors/partners the chance to share
their own experience, also.
- Organizing a media information campaign. Supported by ATRV trained staff and in
partnership with National Anti-Drug Agency (ANA), National Council for Combating

Discrimination and the Local Employment Agency, the volunteers will plan and
implement a media campaign in Roma communities, this campaign will focus on
presenting the civil rights, the importance of participation in the European Parliament
elections, combating racism, prejudice, discrimination and drug use (drug abuse),
combating poverty and social exclusion. In this media campaign, the volunteers will
create promotional posters, information flyers, press releases, TV news, advertising spots
and will appear on TV shows.
- Collecting information on customes and traditions from the Roma communities and about
traditional healthy food recipes from Roma communities.
- Organizing a festival of tolerance, which will start on 8 April 2019, The International
Roma Day
Practical aspects:
The volunteers will work 6 hours / day from Monday to Friday. Their schedule will be organized
as follow: preparing the activity.
10.00-13.00: Social activities
13.00-14.00: Lunch break.
14.00-16.00: Activities.
The volunteers will have 2 days off every month, will have days off according to Romanian
legislation and will have holidays according to the university year 2017-2018
The volunteers will be accommodated in two apartments rented by ATRV in Rm.Valcea city.
The apartments are equipped with central heating, water, TV cable and internet. The kitchen is
fully equipped. The houses have 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms,2 kitchens and living room.
To feed, the volunteers will receive a fixed amount at the beginning of each month, amount
which will allow them to buy aliments and cook themselves. Also at the beginning of the month,
all volunteers will receive a fixed allowance (pocket money). The local transport will be
provided free of charge for the entire EVS period by ATRV.
The volunteers will receive monthly 190 euro (60 euro as pocket money + 130 euro money for


- Young people between 18-30 years old
- Boys and girls in equal number
- Young people ready to spent 1 year volunteer in Romania.
The deadline for finish the selection of volunteers is 30 September 2018
Between 1 -30 September 2018 the mobility contract must be signed by each volunteer.

Validation of the EVS stage:

Volunteers involved in this project will be awarded with a Youthpass certificate at the end of this
EVS stage, which will describe and validate the experience of non-formal and informal learning
acquired by each volunteer during their EVS stage period. The Youthpass certificate will be
considered a process of awareness, reflection and documentation of learning during the different
stages of the project.


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