Almanyada Gençlik Değişimi (10 Gün)

Almanyada Gençlik Değişimi (10 Gün)


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Proje Detayları : 

“Breaking Bread - Breaking Barriers” is going to be a youth exchange organized in Osterholz-Scharmbeck in Germany which will include 42 young people from 7 different countries:


Romania, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia and Germany Countries: 7 countries Age of participants: 18-30 (no age limit for group leaders) Country group size – 5 participants + 1 group leader, (2 of the participants should ideally be with fewer opportunities) Place: Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Lower Saxony, Germany Venue: A group house, youth center Days of activity: 9 activity days (excluded traveling days) Time: 15-25 of March 2019 Profile of participants


We see food as a good and safe entry point for young people to learn about cultural differences and how to accept other people who are different from them.


This is the reason why we are searching for young people interested in the topic of critical thinking, and passionate about cooking as a method to create a sense of togetherness and connection. It would be great if at least 30% of the participants come from environment with fewer opportunities where they do not have opportunity to travel or get to know other cultures. Short info about the exchange:


This project will address the lack of acceptance and open-mindedness towards different nationalities and culture in our local communities which creates barriers instead of breaking them. Through this project we want to create a bridge between cultures where differences are accepted and encouraged, and we would like to do that with the help of food and cooking. For the participants, the exploration of their own culture and other cultures through preparing, sharing and learning about food will be an exciting and very revealing journey that will help them to understand their own culture better and will help them connect to, and learn about other different cultures.




1. Developing critical thinking skills and information filtering skills.


2. Increasing tolerance and promoting acceptance of different opinions.


3. Learning about other countries and their lifestyles through food and cuisine.


 4. Sharing each other's culture and breaking the mental barriers of people through food and cooking.


5. Discovering non-formal learning methods and the possibilities of the Erasmus+ programme.


6. Including people with disabilities and/or people with fewer opportunities in society.


Preparation of participants: - Participants are expected to do a research of typical recipes of their own country or the region they come from, where the food originated from, how it travelled and how it was changing, how it was prepared through the history and what kind of meaning it has. - After the project participants will need to organize a small culinary event for friends, school-mates and/or family where they will prepare their favourite recipe. - We will have a chance to experience cooking on different venues, where participants will have the opportunity to present their local cuisine and culture to German locals. One of them is Kuche fur alle and the other one is Kuechen Tenne.



We will be accommodated in a youth center/group house in OsterholzScharmbeck, close to the city of Bremen, Germany. The accommodation will be simple. Participants will be sharing rooms with 2-4 people from same gender but different nationalities. Most of the rooms have private bathrooms, or bathroom will be shared with another room. Some of the features of the house: - It is almost in a middle of nowhere. Cafes, discos, restaurants and supermarkets are not that close. It is important for the group to stay together all the time, so we will all get to know each other very well. –


 There will be internet, so that you can keep in touch with your loved ones and share photos and impressions about the program and your experiences. - We will be the only group in the house. It was important to us not to be bothered with other groups and other timetables and rules, so that is why we decided to come here where we would be alone. We will do workshops, make party, national evenings, cook and eat together, and make sure that the door is locked at night.


We’ll make the rules together and respect the rules that we make. - We have hired our own cooking and logistics team so they would prepare meals for us, we can tell them the things that we want to eat, but also that nice and healthy food will be done for the people with food preferences – vegetarians, no pork and so on. Please note that we cannot provide vegan, HALAL or fruitarian food. We are not staying at a hotel, so don’t expect hotel environment. If you have any concerns about your diet, please contact us. –


Everything will be up to us, meaning that everyone should help with something. Either is setting up the dining tables in order, loading or unloading the dishwasher, or helping with the workshop room setup, or just taking care of the house as if it would be your own, meaning not littering and helping keep the house generally clean.


ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: It is not allowed to come to the venue of the project one day later or to leave one day before the designated dates. We can only reimburse tickets that are on/before 15th of March and on/after 25th of March 2019. Your task is to get to OHZ Garlstedt BW Logistikschule on 15th of March. There is a direct Bus from Bremen Central station with number 660, which leaves once per hour until 19.00. The venue is 0,7km away from the bus station. At the station someone will wait to pick you up.


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